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You can help get the message out in many ways, including new ways you suggest!  Your talents, your ideas, and your networks are the key components in this campaign.  Because we don’t accept any corporate, PAC or union money, your participation is infinitely valuable. This is an entirely volunteer-based campaign.

Please send an email at the link above, and we will contact you to discuss your areas of interest.  Everyone has a major contribution to make!

Passing on this website to your friends is one great first step, and following us on Twitter.  Include a request for campaign literature in your email if you'd like to pass some around to your friends.


Hey Nancy – why weren't you listed in the Maryland April 26 primary?

Great question!  The Maryland state legislature (with no third parties) passed a law that only the two largest parties in the state may be included in the primary run by the State Board of Election, using taxpayer funds. This currently means the two parties that passed the law, the Democratic and Republican parties, are included; all others are excluded.  Even though the Maryland Green Party and the Libertarian Party are fully legal, registered parties according to state law, due to the Election Code we must fund our own primary entirely out of our own donations and run our primaries ourselves. These funds could otherwise be used for presenting our positions, candidates, and values to the public.

Until that is changed, the Green Party sets its own procedures. Our primary was from April 5 – May 1.  We ran an election using the highest voting integrity standards, including:

  • paper ballots
  • Instant Runoff Voting (aka Ranked Choice Voting) for the fairest statistical outcome
  • observation of the full vote count by an independent nonprofit specializing in voting integrity (
  • observation by all voters and the public through live streaming of the vote count on the web
  • 100% audit

We are proud that our Green Party procedures also include more people than the state-funded primary, such as 16 and 17 year olds.  Also, our procedures do not inquire about a voter's gender status.  We see these procedures as an example for the state of Maryland to follow for accurate, fair, open and representative election outcomes.

Nancy won 85% of the vote for the Maryland 8th Congressional district using these procedures.

The procedures may be viewed at